For you.

How much do you pay to say hello overseas? How much do you pay to tell someone who is in another country that you miss him/her? To set a meeting? How much do you pay? Click here and discover a new way to call.

Connect yourself now. Talk forever.

I am Lucy. Your smart operator.

Celular com a logo da Lucy no centro

Make your life easier.

Dial the number that you want to call and, when I find the destination, I call you back. A different way of calling.

Benefits, Benefits and more benefits.

The chance of making calls for free is not my only differential.
Must be simple, transparent and with quality.

Talk for Free

Earn minutes from following my tips and completing offers. Use them to make free calls to anyone.

Do not Pay Roaming

With my function "No Roaming" I can let you make calls to other states or to other countries.

Your Minutes Never Expire

Subscribe to my service and earn the same amount of minutes every month. Just one more detail: your minutes will never expire!

Call Without VoIP

Your calls will be made through the voice network. The requests for calls will be made automatically by SMS or WIFI with extremely low data consumption.

High Quality

As I don’t use VoIP, I have the same voice quality of your mobile operator.


No bills. Without billing mistakes. Download me and use as you wish.

Did you know you can also win minutes?